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subaru performance
subaru performance  

About Tech Works Engineering

Tech Works Engineering was formed in 1996. It began from the modest beginnings of a motorcycle engine building and repair services oriented company, conceived by current president, Tom Penner, called NFC Race Services. At the Conception of Tech Works Engineering, motorcycle race engine development and the development of a winning Superbike program were paramount. We worked with an up and coming Canadian superbike pilot by the name of **Clint McBain and won the Western Canadian Pro Superbike title in our first year!

After being approached to do development work on some Porsche exhaust systems, subsequent development of a 2.0 litre BMW turbo charged engine and exhaust, and the wholesale of numerous cutting edge snowmobile exhaust systems and cylinder mod products, Tech Works Engineering came to meet the Subaru RS 2.5 Impreza project. You can see some of the products produced for this car and others on this site.

Tech Works Engineering technicians use the depth of knowledge gained through formal mechanical/electronic engineering training, and countless hours on the racetrack, in our never ending quest to obtain better components. Our engineers use these tools to design superior products that meet our stringent demands and requirements. These are the same products that we offer to you, our customers.

Subaru Impreza Performance

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