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subaru performance
subaru performance  

Tech Works Engineering News

Press Release 02-01-05

Calgary, Alberta, February 1, 2005

Tech Works Engineering Inc. (TechWorks) has made the switch to the latest ultra light forging from Wiseco for all their proprietary piston designs, including the new Subaru STi design available now. 

The new ultra light (374 grams) forging features a strutted crown that provides additional strength for extreme power applications and uses slipper skirts for reduced friction at high rpm.  A minimized wrist pin boss spacing virtually eliminates pin flex allowing the use of lighter pins safely. 

TechWorks' new crown design can accommodate cylinder heads from all the following models: STi, WRX, EJ25 SOHC, and EJ25 DOHC.  It features a valve relief trench which increases flow at low valve lifts.  As with all TechWorks' proprietary piston designs, quench area is maximized, dramatically reducing detonation and creating a rapid burn combustion chamber which allows for higher boost and higher compression ratios.  Sizes are available for drop-in applications and for over bores.  Ring grooves are for the factory STi piston rings.

For further information contact your local Tech Works Engineering Inc dealer for further details

Tech Works Engineering Inc. is a design and manufacturing firm researching and developing combustion chamber design and currently offering products and services that include; intake and exhaust systems; pistons and valve train components; cylinder head porting and machining; cryogenic tempering; and race engine design and building services.

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