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subaru performance
subaru performance  

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Press Release 03-05-03

Forged, high-compression pistons production ramped up...

Our forged, high-compression pistons for the Subaru 2.5 engine offer a 10.2 to 1 compression ratio, a maximized asymmetrical quench area, a 26 gram weight reduction (compared to stock pistons), detonation resistance, and high internal turbulence. This unique piston design maximizes the quench area allowing you to run up to 11:1 compression ratio (special order) on pump gas (91 octane). You’ll experience increased power, fuel mileage and a reduction of stress on the connecting rods.

TWE's exclusive piston crown design mirrors the combustion chambers shape as closely as possible allowing the maximum available quench (or squish) area to be utilized.

Because the combustion chamber is not symmetrical, and due to piston pin offset, a left and right hand forgings are necessary. Although the setup costs for producing pistons this way is twice that of a symmetric design with poorer quench area, we have tried to keep the costs down by doing all of our design in house.

Subaru DOHC and Turbo piston designs also available.

Forged, high-compression subaru pistons Forged, high-compression subaru pistons Forged, high-compression subaru pistons

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