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subaru performance
subaru performance  

Tech Works Engineering News

Press Release 04-23-03

Calgary, Alberta

Tech Works Engineering Inc. has released it’s third generation exhaust manifold for Subaru’s 2.5 liter engine. The “Version 3” (V3) header has been redesigned to fit 2002 and 2003 Subaru models, while retrofitting previous model years. Like the earlier models, the V3 header has a true, merge collector and has equal length primary tubes that are tuned to provide a large power increase over a wide RPM range. The latest “titanium” ceramic coating is used inside and out to protect the header. This durable coating allows us to continue to offer our limited lifetime warranty on the V3 header. Termination points match the stock exhaust system, making the V3 header compatible with OEM components and all aftermarket components that use the stock locations. This includes many popular turbo kits available for the RS2.5. We are currently testing this innovative coating on a forced air application. Watch the News Page of our redesigned website for updates.

Merge collectors do not terminate the primary tubes at the collector but merge the header primaries creating a pyramid shape. This insures consistent internal area ratios of the primary tubes/collector transition and maximizes the duration of the scavenging waves. These characteristics are necessary for good flow and a wide power range.

Tuned length primary tubes provide proper scavenging wave phasing, which pulls the intake charge into the cylinder during valve overlap while evacuating residual exhaust gasses. This dramatically improves power and fuel economy. Equal length is maintained on each primary tube within .010".

Inside mandrel bent tubing provides consistent inside diameters of the primary tubes.

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