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subaru performance
subaru performance  

Tech Works Engineering News

Press Release 05-01-05

Calgary, Alberta, May 1, 2005

Tech Works Engineering Inc. (TechWorks) has introduced an economical alternative to high- priced aftermarket rods for all the EJ Series Subaru engines called “Tech Works Cheater Rods”. We have taken the stock Subaru connecting rods, which are quite stout as they are, and improved the overall strength by close to 30%. This has been achieved by cryogenically treating the stock rods, post-heat treating them, resizing the big-end of the rod to exacting OEM tolerances, sets matched for the center to center length and balanced to Tech Works Engineering specs, replacing stock bolts and resizing for ARP® Rod bolts, installing new bronze bushing in the small end, followed by shot-peening (extra charge).

For further information contact your local Tech Works Engineering Inc dealer for further details.


  • EJ22
  • All EJ20
  • EJ25 SOHC
  • EJ25 DOHC

Retail Price: US$265.00 (per set of 4)

Tech Works Engineering Inc. is a design and manufacturing firm researching and developing combustion chamber design and currently offering products and services that include; intake and exhaust systems; pistons and valve train components; cylinder head porting and machining; cryogenic tempering; and race engine design and building services.


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