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Tech Works Engineering News

Press Release 05-15-05

Calgary, Alberta, May 15, 2005

Tech Works Engineering Inc. (TechWorks) has released a new 4-2-1 configuration header. The header features shorter primary runners with very short secondary runners. The primaries in High Output configuration are 1.75" into 1.875" secondaries, terminating in a full 2.125" ID collector. To accommodate the Automatic cars, we are offering this design with 1.625" primaries, 1.75" secondaries with our traditional collector venturi ID.

These headers operate as an "offset phase" 4 into 1, not your traditional Tri-Y design. This has been relatively common configuration in the "superbike" world for sometime now and we thought it was time to introduce a properly designed 4-2-1 header utilizing this technology. Ground clearance is vastly improved.

For further information contact your local Tech Works Engineering Inc dealer for further details.


  • New Stainless steel high output design
  • Non-typical Tri-Y design
  • Offset phased 4into1 technology borrowed from "superbike" designs
  • Merged collectors
  • Fits auto trans cars (smaller primary/secondary tubes than High Output configuration)
  • OEM midrange power with vastly improved top end power characteristics
  • Improved ground clearance

Tech Works Engineering Inc. is a design and manufacturing firm researching and developing combustion chamber design and currently offering products and services that include; intake and exhaust systems; pistons and valve train components; cylinder head porting and machining; cryogenic tempering; and race engine design and building services.

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