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subaru performance
subaru performance  

Tech Works Engineering News

Press Release 07-18-02

TWE INC. Ramps-up production...

Western Canadian based Tech Works Engineering Incorporated (TWEI) announced that they have begun production on several high-performance components developed for Subaru's 2.5 boxer engine.

TWE INC. Exhaust Kit (Figure 1)

Developed in conjunction with the previously released Piston Kit and Kit Cams, the Exhaust Kit is available in both high temp finish and stainless steel models and your choice of muffler tip is included. (tow package muffler also offered)

TWE INC. Intake Kit (Figure 2)

Developed to compliment the above kits and create a complete power package. The Intake Kit combines a carbon fiber hood scoop, intake snake, and airbox with a high-flow filter, which can all be easily installed.

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