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subaru performance
subaru performance  

Tech Works Engineering News

Press Release 09-01-03

Calgary, Alberta, September 01, 2003

Tech Works Engineering Inc. (TWE) has announced the release of their newest light weight, forged, high-compression piston for the Subaru EJ25 SOHC. Designed specifically to meet the needs of the ‘All-Motor’ engine builder, this piston is the maximum compression ratio (11.2:1) which can be run safely on 92 octane fuel. This latest piston follows TWE’s earlier designs which maximize quench area to create high internal turbulence, resulting in a detonation resistant combustion chamber. The short-skirt design, forged aluminum construction, and hollow piston pins, add up to a 26 gram weight savings compared to the stock parts.

Another bolt-on solution for your Subaru from TWE. For further information contact

Tech Works Engineering Inc. is a design and manufacturing firm researching and developing combustion chamber design and currently offering products and services that include; intake and exhaust systems; pistons and valve train components; cylinder head porting and machining; cryogenic tempering; and race engine design and building services.

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