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subaru performance
subaru performance  

Tech Works Engineering News

Update: September 29, 2003

First TWE Header Dyno Test on RS-Turbo

The first dyno tests of Tech Works Engineering Inc.'s tuned, equal length, merge collector header have been completed.

The test car was a 1999 RS2.5 with an aftermarket turbo kit installed.


- Peak power gain
- Peak torque gain

- Maximum power gain at 5200rpm
- Maximum torque gain at 4500rpm
+ 10 hp
+ 10 ft-lbs

+ 14 hp
+ 17 ft-lbs
* Note: The air/fuel ratio indicated that a lack of fuel limited the power output.

We have begun a long-term test to allow us to properly tune the engine management for maximum power and we will also be testing the durability of our high-temperature, "Titanium", ceramic coating.

Dyno Graph

Stay tuned for more test results...

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