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subaru performance
subaru performance  

Tech Works Engineering News

Update: February 1, 2005

Finally a Dyno Test of our exhaust system.

A complete exhaust system from TechWorks was intalled on this 2003 Baja.  The system consisted of: our tuned, equal length, merge collector header (SuperStreet 2.25"); a Random Technology cat section (2.25"); our HighOutput (2.5") mid-pipe with our resonator; and our HighOutput (2.5") muffler section.  The car also had a K&N air filter in the stock airbox, but no other modifications. 

The dyno was a Dynapak Pro.


- Peak power gain
- Peak torque gain

+ 14.3 hp
+ 13.3 ft-lbs

* Note: The air/fuel ratio indicated that a lack of fuel limited the power output.

The torque peak is moved up in the power band and is still higher at the stock peak and climbing. Our exhaust helps to fill in the major dips in the torque curve just before 3000rpm and at 4500rpm, making for a quicker car that feels smoother (slower?). There is a gain in horsepower before 4000rpm however this is somewhat minimized due to the 2.5" diameter cat-back. This affects the low end torque as well. The larger size was required since the car now has a Stage II Head package (140+whp, sorry no graphs yet). Keep in mind that the car was running quite lean and is waiting for a fuel pump, RRFPR, and a proper intake. It will also get a stand-alone engine management shortly. More info to follow.

Dyno Graph

Stay tuned for more test results...

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