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Update: November 15, 2003

Testimonial: 1/4 Mile Time for TWE Exhaust, Header, Cams, and Porting

Below is an excerpt from an email we received from one of our customers. The initial modifications to the car included an engine management system, a cold-air intake, a high-flow muffler, and an aftermarket header. The "recent changes" include a TWE Super Street, tuned-length header, a Cat-less Race pipe, a High Output mid-pipe, and the installation of TWE Stage II Street/Rally Camshafts (and springs) and TWE Stage I Cylinder Head Porting (not yet listed on the website).

"I got a chance to go to the drag strip last night in the Impreza. I made three runs. After getting the slip for my first run, I was quite surprised. I have regularly taken the Impreza out to the strip and could count on a 15.3 as a "decent" run. I think I pulled a 15.2 once. Well, it appears that the recent changes knocked an entire second off my 1/4 time. Here's the best run:

60'    1.884
330    5.793
1/8    9.072
MPH    74.80
1000    11.935
1/4    14.362
MPH    92.53

I hit a trap speed of 92.61 on another run, but blew the launch.

Keep in mind I haven't dyno tuned this setup at all. I'm sure there is power to be found in the tuning. Also, I think a good clean launch on a good run will knock me into the 14.2s.

I've got to say the power delivery is so linear that the gains are deceiving."

Stay tuned for more test results…

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