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Cylinder Head Packages

Stage I Cylinder Head Package:
     (SOHC) $3048.42US + Shipping, (DOHC) $2910.91US + Shipping

  1. Disassembly and cleaning
  2. Port refinishing and bowl contouring
  3. Custom 5-angle Valve Seat Machining
  4. Hand Blending of the Port/Valve Seat Juncture
  5. Combustion Chamber Cleaning
  6. Valve resurfacing using the ‘center-less’ method which also measures the stem and head run-outs to 0.0004”, Valves are replaced if this run-out is exceeded
  7. Milling of the cylinder head (depth is appropriate for application and combustion chamber work)
  8. Camshafts (DOHC Stage I, SOHC Stage II)
  9. Heavy Duty Valve Springs (SOHC only)
  10. New Subaru Valve Seals
  11. New Subaru Cam Seals
  12. Assembly of the Cylinder Head
  13. Setting of the Valve Lash


Stage II Cylinder Head Package: (includes above plus the following:) 
      (SOHC) $3846.22US + Shipping, (DOHC) $4144.37US + Shipping

  1. Exhaust port balancing
  2. Graduated intake port finishing
  3. Exhaust Port polishing
  4. Combustion Chamber modifications, measurement and matching of combustion chamber volumes, polishing, and valve un-shrouding
  5. Heavy Duty Valve Springs (both SOHC & DOHC)
  6. Titanium Retainers


Stage III Cylinder Head Package: (includes above plus the following:)
     (SOHC) $5180.42US + Shipping,  (DOHC) $5951.65US + Shipping,  (STI EJ257) $6457.54US + Shipping

  1. Intake port redesign
  2. Extensive exhaust port modifications
  3. Flow bench testing
  4. Stage III Camshafts replace previous stage
  5. SOHC Rocker shaft saddle machined to correct valve train geometry
  6. Shim Under Bucket Kit (DOHC)

*Note1: All Cylinder Head Porting is custom tailored to the individual customer needs. 

*Note2: Porting for Turbocharged and Supercharged applications have more significant modifications performed on the combustion chamber and exhaust ports, while less work is done on the intake ports so as to properly balance flow.

*Note3: From our experience, even brand new OEM valves have too much run-out for our liking.  We recommend using our Stainless Steel swirl polished performance valves which are OEM sized in place of the OEM valves for extra peace of mind.

*Note4: All cylinder head packages are subject to a core charge of $800.00US per pair; this is refunded to you upon receiving your stock heads in good usable condition.

Additional Options:

  1. Stainless Steel Swirl Polished Intake/Exhaust Valves - $399.00US
  2. Inconel Exhaust Valves (recommended for Turbo applications) - $1198.06US
  3. Titanium Intake Valves (recommended for high rpm applications) - $1633.72US
  4. Manganese/Bronze Valve Guides (recommended for Turbo applications) - $364.52US
  5. Ceramic Coating on Combustion Chamber (recommended for Turbo applications) - $571.80US (includes #29 & #30 options)
  6. Ceramic Coating on Valves (recommended for Turbo applications)
  7. Ceramic Coating on Exhaust Ports (recommended for Turbo applications)
  8. Adjustable Cam Pulleys (recommended for racing applications) - $116.00US (SOHC), $232.00US (DOHC) *Please note these will only be sold to experienced engine builders, cam degree-ing on the boxer layout is extremely tricky and should only be left in the hands of the experienced.*


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