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subaru performance
subaru performance  

Subaru Products & Accessories

Our products are specifically engineered to get the maximum amount of performance out of your Subaru project.

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Exhaust Systems

Our exhaust products are engineered to manage exhaust gas flow and sound pressure effects to increase efficiency and power in the targeted range. Most pieces bolt to the factory components and are hand built using inside mandrel bent tubing in either stainless steel, or ceramic coated mild steel.

  • Headers feature unique merge collectors that join acoustically tuned, equal length primary tubes.
  • Mufflers and resonators are engineered for a distinct sound, using a flow-through core with ceramic packing and all-stainless steel construction. For a more unique tone, choose the ultra light weight, filament wound Carbon Fiber muffler and resonator.
  • Catalytic converters (High-flow and Super High Flow) reduce restriction to low or nonexistent levels.


Our many valvetrain components are engineered to match your specific performance application.  Street, Rally, and Autocross designs increase power over a broad rpm range, while racing applications produce much higher peak power in the proper rpm band. 


Engineered to maximize quench area in the combustion chamber, our proprietary designs of forged lightweight pistons create high internal turbulence, resulting in superior detonation resistance. 

  • Turbo and N/A applications

  • New STi Drop-in designs for multiple head combinations

  • SOHC and DOHC designs from 9:1 up to 12.5:1 compression ratio

  • Ceramic and Moly-Graphite Coatings for extra protection.

  • Special Hollow Piston Pins to further reduce mass


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