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subaru performance
subaru performance  

Subaru Valvetrain Systems

We offer a range of TechWorks designed cams to match your performance application. And we try to stock cores of all our models for your convenience.  We have also designed high performance springs and titanium retainers. And we offer a shim under bucket kit for extreme rpm/high boost applications.

Impreza RS, TS, Outback, Legacy, Baja, Forester

These TechWorks designed cams provide a large increase in power throughout the entire power range by opening the cams faster and farther within essentially the same time (duration). The unaltered duration is necessary due the stock Subaru engine controller. This allows a performance increase to be realized without the necessity of upgrading or altering the stock engine controller. Shown with our Heavy Duty Valve Springs (strongly recommended) and with our titanium retainers.

Subaru RS 2.5 SOHC Specifications:

  Stock Cam TWE Stage II SOHC
  Intake Exhaust Intake Exhaust
Valve Lift (Inches) 0.376 0.314 0.437 0.367
Duration (Degrees) 181 182 211 206

Subaru Stage I DOHC Normally Aspirated - Turbo Cams

[Click for a larger image]
Impreza RS, TS, Outback, Legacy, Baja, Forester

Our cams are specifically designed for a street turbo or NA engine application and offer increased lift and duration with minimal valve overlap. This keeps the stock ECU happy in NA applications while providing the short high lift characteristics that will maximize flow in Turbo applications. Stock springs are OK for stock redline on NA applications and on low boost Turbo applications.

Subaru RS 2.5 DOHC Specifications:

  Stock Cam TWE Stage I DOHC
  Intake Exhaust Intake Exhaust
Valve Lift (Inches) 0.325 0.286 0.350 0.345
Duration (Degrees) 205 210 207 213

Subaru Stage III DOHC Racing Cams

[Click for a larger image]
These cams are designed for high rpm, racing applications and must be used with our shim under bucket conversion kit.  Stand-alone engine management is also required.

Subaru RS 2.5 DOHC Specifications:

  Stock Cam TWE Stage III DOHC
  Intake Exhaust Intake Exhaust
Valve Lift (Inches) 0.325 0.286 0.420 0.420
Duration (Degrees) 205 210 249 241

Subaru Valve Spring/Titanium Retainer Kit

WRX, Impreza RS, TS, Legacy, Forester, Baja, Outback

We've made this kit available to eliminate the danger of coil binding the stock springs when running a more aggressive cams than stock.  Maximum safe lift pressure has been increased.  An increase in seat pressures ensures sealing with forced air applications The titanium retainers are almost half the weight of the stock pieces, reducing valve train weight by over 12 grams per valve (with springs).   This kit is necessary for anyone planning to exceed the stock redline. The pieces are also available separately.  Specific kits are available for EJ25 SOHC and DOHC, and WRX applications.

Subaru Shim Under Bucket Conversion Kit DOHC

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Designed for safer operation at extreme rpm/high boost applications. This kit places the shim under the bucket preventing the shim from coming lose as a result of valve float. The 17+ gram weight savings dramatically reduces valve-train inertia. This allows for much higher rpm and for the use of more aggressive cams. The kit includes valve springs, titanium retainers, buckets and shims.



Cores In Stock Now!


Description Unit # Price* (US)
EJ25 Stage I DOHC Camshafts 25-S1-doc-cor $ 874.10
EJ25 Stage II SOHC Camshafts 25-S2-soc-cor $ 480.37
EJ25 Stage III DOHC Camshafts 25-S3-doc-cor $ 1291.82
EJ25 Stage III SOHC Naturally Aspirated Camshafts 25-S3-soc-cor-NA $ 966.93
EJ25 Stage III SOHC Force Induction Camshafts 25-S3-soc-cor-FI $ 966.83
EJ257 STi Stage III Camshafts (w/Springs/Retainers) 257-S3-kit Call
EJ25 Shim Under Bucket Kit DOHC 25-S1-sub-kit Call
EJ25 DOHC Camshaft Cores 25-S0-doc-cam $ 500.00
EJ25 SOHC Camshaft Cores 25-S0-doc-cam $ 400.00
Valve Springs SOHC 25-S2-soc-spg $ 258.30
Valve Springs DOHC 25-S2-doc-spg $ 258.30
Titanium Retainers 25-S1-ret-000 $ 316.41
Spring/Retainer Kit WRX 25-S2-wrx-spk $ 560.00
Spring/Retainer Kit SOHC 25-S2-soc-spk $ 510.00
Spring/Retainer Kit DOHC 25-S2-doc-spk $ 510.00
Contact us for more information
*Cores in stock now!

Colt CamsTech Works Engineering cams are designed in cooperation with Geoff Bardal of Colt Cams. Check out his website and give him a call for whatever your application. Sorry you can't get Tech Works cams except through us, but we can ship direct for faster delivery.

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