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subaru performance
subaru performance  

Subaru Performance Packages

Our Engine Packages are available for:

Impreza RS & TS







Each package has been created using our own specialty designed products and services, combined with top-shelf components, and they are professionally assembled with the same meticulous attention to detail that produces our championship winning racing engines. These comprehensive packages can be tailored to your specific performance application to get the most out of your Subaru project.

Cylinder Head Packages

Cylinder head packages

Combine all our cylinder head products and services for a comprehensive Subaru package that is ready to bolt on.

  • Stage I, II, III, SOHC or DOHC for RS, TS, Legacy, Baja

  • Stage I, II, III for WRX

  • Stage I, II, III for STi, Legacy GT, Outback and Forester XT, Baja Turbo

Short Block Engine Packages (no cylinder heads)

Short block engine packages

Combine all our internal engine products and services for strong and powerful bottom end.

  • Stage I N/A and Turbo Blocks
  • Stage II Semi-Closed Deck (STi) N/A and Turbo Blocks
  • Monster Sleeved Closed Deck Turbo Blocks
  • Screamer Semi-Closed Deck N/A and Sleeved Closed Deck Turbo Blocks

Long Block Engine Packages (short block and heads)

Long block engine packages

Mix and match your choice of Short Blocks and Cylinder Head packages to build the ideal performance engine for your Subaru Project.

  • Stage I N/A and Turbo Motors
  • Stage II Semi-Closed Deck (STi) N/A and Turbo Motors
  • Monster Sleeved Closed Deck Motors
  • Screamer Semi-Closed Deck (STi) N/A Motors
  • Screamer Turbo Sleeved Closed Deck Motors
  • Full Race Engine Design and Building Services for any motor

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