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subaru performance
subaru performance  

Cryogenic tempering

Cryogenic Tempering
cryogenic tempering
Subaru Impreza WRX
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When done correctly cryogenic tempering boosts tensile strength, toughness and dimensional stability of metals. We have had outstanding success tempering engine components and transmissions to increase life and durability.

"Cryogenic processing is currently in use in every form of racing imaginable. It is seen in virtually every class of NASCAR racing, IRL, CART, NHRA, IHRA, SCCA, IMSA, and ARCA, not to mention tractor pulls, go-carts, motorcycles, boats, and even lawn mower racing. Controlled Thermal Processing (CTP) has even done a fair number of axles for soap box derby cars. Over half of the cars competing at any given NASCAR Winston Cup race run parts that are cryogenically treated by CTP alone. Cryogenic processing can have a positive affect on virtually every engine, transmission, and drive line part, as well as many chassis parts."

Heat Treating Progress magazine November 2001 Volume 1 Number 6

Subaru Transmision Cryo-Treatment Service

Cryogenic treatment service includes removal and visual inspection of all internal components, replacement of all seals, cryogenic treatment, tempering, and reassembly to factory specification. Prices do not include the replacement of worn synchros, gears, shift forks, etc. and shipping is extra.


Description Unit # Price* (US)
Subaru Transmission 25-ST-cry-000 $ 750
Core Charge 25-ST-cor-000 Call
Complete Engine 25-SS-cry-000 Call
* Complete TWE Engine 25-HO-cry-000 $ 475
Contact us for more information
* With complete TWE engine building service

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